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Corporate Services

Looking for something fun, interactive and different for your corporation? Then why not try HulaFit with Shakira.

Workplace Wellness

The health and well being of your staff is paramount to any successful organisation.  Healthy staff results in increased productivity and overall job satisfaction. 

There are several options available:

  • One off taster class
  • Weekly class either before work, during lunch or after work
  • Monthly team days 

Team Building Days

Why not use a HulaFit session as an ice breaker for your team away day? 

Feedback from Thomas Miller lunchtime booking.

'Thank you so much for organising the classes! I loved it, it’s so much fun! I have purchased a hoop myself so I really hope it’s something we can continue here at Thomas Miller.'

'It was great fun and something I would like to continue. All of those that took part were progressing really well so it would be great to carry on and see how far we can go. It was also nice to meet ladies from other parts of Millers.'

'This was an absolutely wonderful course in all respects – please may it continue!  It is a great fitness course, especially for someone like me who commutes nearly 4 hrs every day and has no time for exercise at home.  It was also so much fun – I really enjoyed it!  Please please please can we bring it back!'

Organisations previously worked with

  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • CCD PR
  • Centre 404
  • Eastside Educational Trust
  • Exercise Move Dance
  • Hackney Council
  • Islington Carers Hub
  • Merchant Square Gardens
  • Nuffield Health
  • Thomas Miller
  • Tower Hamlets Council
  • Up Projects

Wellness at work
Conferences and events, London

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