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HulaFit with Shakira

Making exercise fun and fitness goals achievable

HulaFit with Shakira Weekly Fitness Class, North London

When: Thursday 6.10-6.55pm

Where: Redmond Community Centre, Kayani Avenue, Manor House, N4 2HF

Price: £6 per person. All weighted hula hoops provided.

You are valued! Every class participant will recieve a loyalty card, after 10 classes you will recieve a free class :)

HulaFit with Shakira Hula Hoop exercise classes are the best way to achieve fitness fun, and whittle those waists. Hooping is known to be a fantastic way to tone that troublesome tummy area, as well as improve strength, coordination and burn calories all whilst getting sweaty and having fun!

Participation in classes is taken at the individuals own risk of injury or loss. If you are pregnant or you have any medical concerns regarding hula hooping for fitness, please contact a medical professional prior to attending a class. We do use weighted hoops which can cause bruising, this is not permanent or internally damaging but may cause some discomfort to the individual.


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